New unaware giantess SFX clip on it’s way

You’ve might already read it. A new unaware giantess SFX clip is on it’s way. Visual effects are already done.

An accident in a secret laboratory happended and the complete building get shrunken and teleported into my house. The people are very small (and still shrinking) They try to get my attention, with no luck. So many get squished by my shoes, feet and hands. I only recognize some of them as bugs. The laboratory itself get crushed at the end. 🙂

Two things are missing to finish this giantess clip:
1. A good title
2. I have to add some audio effects and dialogue on the phone…

and that is where you can jump in.
I decided to give my fans the chance to add some of their own ideas.

So… you can send me suggestions for title and what I say on the phone.
Most time of the clip (around 15 mins), I’m talking on the phone.
So… who is the person I’m calling (a friend, a scientist, else…) and what would be the reason for my phone call? Do I talk about the incident? Do I know the laboratory, as it is secret? You can write me single lines or a complete dialogue you’d like to hear. If I like it, I’ll add it. 😉

So I hope you like the idea of interaction and I hope I get some good ideas. 🙂

Screenshots attached for your imagination.



Unaware Giantess Loryelle Giant Step for Science SFX Foot Fetish