Giantess Loryelle – A City’s Nightmare No.1 SFX (720p)


  • Running Time:  30 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 720p (also available in 1080p)
  • File Size: 903 MB
  • Format: MP4


Transforming into a giant goddess

Ancient scrolls told me a secret ritual. I came here at the right time. The stars are in the right constellation to make it happen. So I invoke the ancient gods, that are mentioned in these scrolls:

“Oh, dear ancient gods, long forgotten by humans, hear my prayer. Let me be your vengeance for the human ignorance and narcissim. Let me GROW! Let me become one of you! I let mankind suffer like it let this planet suffer!”

To my satisfaction, my prayer was heard and I turned into a powerful giant goddess. Now my giantess town crush fantasy can come true!

Taking revenge on human race

As I promised the ancient gods, I get on the way back to town, to take revenge on human race.

Meanwhile I am approx. 400 ft tall, but I am still growing. I am invincible and not even soldiers can stop me on my way of destruction. I reached the size to make my giantess town crush fantasy real.

First I decide to clarify some personal matters. As I see my ex-boyfriend with his new flame, I enjoy to step on them with my gigantic foot. That makes me hot and I cannot get enough! So I take revenge on my former boss and  a notorious adulterer, who dated me some days before. On my way to throught the city I crush more people and I really appreciate to feel their little bodies burst under my gigantic body. I find very different ways to humiliate these tiny nothings. One gets crushed between my gigantic boobies, another one gets trapped in my hot panty, to find his end near my crotch. Also my gigantic hands are strong weapons and I crush helicopters like little bugs and people like tiny ants. As I feel hungry I swallow a tiny as a snack.

I recognize that I grow more rapitly when I crush or vore some of these worthless human creatures.

Growing more than twice as high as a skyscraper

Now I reached a height of nearly 3000 ft. So not only tiny cars are one of my favourite targets to crush with my mountainous soles and toes. Even whole houses are not safe from my gigantic body. Some skyscrapers get crushed by my titanic booty as if they were made of cardboard, others are victims of my enormous feet. Many people lose their lives under my tremendous feet and my magnificent huge ass. I also enjoy a fisher boat and its crew as a tiny snack.

Finally I find the mayor of the city in his home and imprison him in my panty. I want him to squirm for my pleasure.

Giantess Loryelle is the upcoming apocalypse and a true nightmare to mankind!

This giantess town crush is the first step to apocalypse! The list of destruction is long and I put a lot of variety in it.
While you watch this movie you may enjoy

  • many barefoot crushes of people, cars and helicopters
  • toe crushes
  • panty entrapment
  • vore scenes: tiny men, ship including crew
  • hand crushes of a tiny men and helicopters
  • butt crushes
  • exciting pov shots
  • bursting houses and debris
  • tons of video and audio effects
  • months of work resulting in this epic giantess night movie.

If you have a giantess fetish you don’t want to miss this.
Get it now!

Language: english voice-over
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.


Additional information

File size:

903 MB

Running Time:

30 minutes





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