Loryelle and the Tiny Party Crashers SFX


  • Running Time: 18:58 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
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Micro people humiliation by smelly giantess socks and feet

I’m on a party and need a break after all that dancing and chatting with my friends and colleagues.
So I went down the stairs and find some leftover chocolate marshmellows with very tiny people on it, I wonder how they taste like, so I devour them including the little toppings.

I step on a chocolate marshmellow with my red high heel and squish another tiny person sticking in the cream. Soon I find some more of the shrunken people on the stairs. These guys belong to the research department of my company who have accidently shrunken themselves.

I had a bad day and just need to vent my anger. Bad luck for my shrunken  colleagues. They are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I decide to humiliate those micro people with my shoes, socks and barefeet. They have to worship me as their new goddess and smell my sweaty mountainous feet before I crush them or stuff them into my smelly red giantess socks.
I devour, drink, breast crush and squish some random tinies, until I think I got them all.

Before I return to the party, to dance all night, I put my socks and shoes back on, knowing some of the tiny people are still in it. 😉

This clip contains many sfx close-ups and pov shots of me doing sock and barefoot crushes, some vore scenes (including a drinking scene) shoe crushes and a breast crush. The tiny men are also the smallest I’ve ever used in a clip.

Language: english voice-over
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.

Additional information

File size:

1.61 GB

Running Time:

18:58 mins