Loryelle’s After Tennis Foot Worship POV


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You Have to Worship My Sweaty Feet

We had a tennis match against another team and lost 0:6 and it was all your fault. You really should have told me before, that you don’t have a clue about tennis. Let’s find out, if you have other talents, like worshipping my sweaty feet for compensation.

First you have to lick the dirty soles of my sportsshoes. Then I put them off and you have to take a deep breath of the sweaty inside of my smelly sneakers. I command you to worship and lick my moist and sweaty socks, no matter if you like it or not.

Worshipping my sweaty feet is the kind of reparation you need to do, for being such a bad tennis partner.

I take my socks off and stuff them into your mouth

First I rub my moist and stinky bare feet all over your face. That’s how I like it!  Then you have to lick and smell my moist and sweaty bare soles.

Come closer! I want to pinch your nose between my stinky toes. Good boy! Remove all the sweat from my soles with your tongue. Don’t crawl away, you’re not finished, yet. You have to stay at my feet until you have cleaned every inch of them.

Foot worship pov at it’s best! Many detailed close-ups of my amazing bare feet, sneakers and socks, you don’t want to miss.

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15 minutes




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