Loryelle’s Fruity Date (1080p)


  • Running Time: 16 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
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Eating Grapes From Loryelle’s Sexy Wet Feet

I have another date with a guy who told me that he has a foot fetish, because I love submissive men. First we start with a little bit of foot sniffing. Then I offer him grapes, served by my toes. He has to stick his tongue inbetween my slightly dirty and sweaty toes to get them out. It’s not hard to convince him, that grapes taste a lot of better with a little bit of my precious foot sweat.

The date starts at eye level, but of course that doesn’t lasts for long. He has to sit down on the floor and watch closely how I crush some grapes with my sexy bare feet. Some get crushed on the floor. Then I have a better idea. I put the remaining grapes in a bowl and squash them with my shiny, wet feet. Then I empty this heavenly mixture of foot sweat and grape juice into a glass. Served by my feet, my new foot pet has to drink it. Delicious!

Language: english

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Running Time:

16 minutes



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842 MB

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