Loryelle’s Shrunken Foot Slave POV (720p)


  • Running Time: 30 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 720p
  • File Size: 1,30 GB
  • Format: MP4


I make you my shrunken foot slave

I’ve caught the boyfriend of my stepdaughter cheating on her. You are this little fool and I shrink you make you my tiny foot slave.

You are at my house, to meet your girlfriend, my stepdaughter, but she’s out.
I tell you, that she’ll return soon. I offer you a drink, while waiting for her, but it was no normal drink, it was a shrink potion.

You initially shrink to just smaller than my foot.

I sit above you in my chair and taunt you with my high heels. After a while I remove them and place them over your little head, forcing you to smell. I warn you that if you  pass out then I will have no use for you and crush you instantly. So yo have to struggle to stay awake. After torturing you with my high heels, I start smothering you with my dark nylon clad feet. Occasionally scrunching and stretching my toes over your little face.

Then I tape you to the ground, as you have tried to run away, before placing another tape on your mouth so there’s no way of breathing other than through your nose. After a while I slowly remove my nylons and then smother you with my bare feet.

I’m surprised that you have managed to endure this for so long and as such there may be other uses for you. I remove the tape from your mouth and order you to stick out your tongue, so that I can slowly move my foot along it, before spreading my toes and forcing you to lick my toe jam.

After a while of worshipping my toes, soles and heels, I’m unimpressed at your efforts to clean my feet so as punishment I shrink you further, and warn you that any further failures will result in your crushing. You frantically worship my feet as your little life now depends on it until you finally manage to satisfy my demands.

I tell you, that I’ve initially planned to crush you, however because I enjoyed your suffering so much you will now live as my foot-slave. I want to ensure you  have no moment of respite from my feet, so I in-tape you from the floor, pick you up and place you in my shoe. I order you to lick the sweat from my insoles. Finally I stuff my nylons inside the shoe, trapping you in there to smell my feet, until the next time you have to worship me.

My tasks for a shrunken foot slave

This clip is all POV, you learn how it would be to be a helpless tiny man at my  feet. I smother you with my high heels, nylons and bare feet. This clip has a good lenght for a foot session. It was a custom order, and what more can I say, than I really like the clip. If I could shrunk people I’d do. Don’t miss it! 🙂

Additional information

Running Time:

30 minutes


HD 720p

File Size:

1,30 GB



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