Loryelle’s Sweaty Feet after Gym (EN)


  • Running Time: approx 16 minutes
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • File Size: 478 MB
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Foot Show of my Sweaty Gym Feet

I finish my gym exercises and invite you to a little foot show of my sweaty gym feet. First I remove my shoes and socks. Then I massage my tired feet and take a whiff of how stinky they have got, before I show them to you. They are nice and sweaty, exactly how you like them.

You may come closer, to watch and smell my toes and soles from different angles. I know you enjoy it.

I bathe my feet in a water bowl and you have to drink it

I get a bowl of water to wash off the sweat of my feet. See some close ups as the water turns dirty from my gym feet.
Finally I empty the bowl with my dirty foot water into a glass for you to drink and enjoy.

Watch this clip to find out how I treat  little foot piggies like you!

This clip is POV only, showing many beautiful close-ups of my stinky feet and toes. If you already watched and enjoyed “Loryelle’s Sock Tea” you will enjoy this one, too. It’s shot in the same time period.

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Running Time:

approx. 16 minutes




478 MB

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