Run! Our Giant Stepmom is Hunting Us! SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: 18 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 962 MB
  • Format: MP4


Stepmom shrinks her stepsons for revenge

My three stepsons Daniel, Juan and Tobias told their father that I’m not the right one for him, that I’m an evil witch and that I’m only after his money. But that wasn’t enough for them. They have also tried to kill me by pushing me down the stairs.

Did they really have thought it would be so easy to kill a witch? Oh! These naughty, stupid, little boys.

I decide to shrink them down to the right size of the insignificant little bugs, that they are to me. Haha! Guess what I do with nasty little bugs?! Fi Fi Fo Fum! They better should run!

Hunted by their Giant Stepmom

The first one, to be squished under my huge high heel is my stepson Daniel.  I squish him out of existence with the giant heel of my plateau sandals, while his brothers have to watch helplessly. Mmmmh! That is fun.
It makes me so hot to see my tiny stepsons downsized to insignificant bugs at my feet. I enjoy that feeling of power and I don’t want it to be over too soon. They can run, but they can’t escape their giant stepmom.

I bet they now wish, that they’ve never started that dirty little intrigue against her giant stepmom. Usually I use my witch powers very rarely, that I don’t get uncovered, but teaching them a lesson was totally worth it. They really should feel honored.

Now Juans time is up. Bye, bye, tiny guy! Crush! Mmmmh, yes! I love the sound, when his little bones crack. That turns me on!

I think for Tobias, it needs to be something special. He was the one, pushing me down the stairs, but where is his courage now? All gone. I take off my  shoes. I want to feel his tiny body burst under my big toe. He has to look at my  massive toes how huge and sexy they are. He has to realize, how insignificant and small he is compared to me. I say sorry, that my feet are smelly, but revenge has to be done right. Then I crush him without any effort under my big toe. Mmmmh! Yes! That feels good!

I bet their father will miss his mysteriously disappeared sons, but I’ll be there to console him. Hahaha!

Mean Giant Stepmom Fantasy you shouldn’t miss

This clip is for all who like to see three tiny men suffering at my huge platform sandal high heels. A lot of comparision shots of the tiny guys helpless at my huge high heel sandal feet. Two gets squished by them, for the last one I take off my shoes and squish him under my big toe.

Language: english voice-over
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.


Additional information

Running Time:

18 minutes



File Size

962 MB



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