Sweaty, Sweet and Salty (EN)


  • Running Time: 19:46 minutes
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Loryelle’s feet covered with sweets

This clip starts, where “A creamy massage” ends.

I come back from the kitchen with a plate full of delicious sweets. I crush some chocolate covered strawberries with my sweaty feet. Followed by some chocolate marshmellows I slowly squish under and between my feet. Enjoy the cracking sound and watch the white cream squidge between my sweaty toes. I’m sure you will totally enjoy it to lick it all off my feet. I love to splash around with the sweets and massage my feet and legs  with the cream. What a delicious mess, covering my toes, soles and the floor! Finally I add some prezels I stick them in between my toes and crush them under my feet.

Enjoy this wonderful wet and messy feet, covered with sweets – foot fetish clip. 🙂

Language: English voice-over

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Running Time:

19:46 minutes



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1,12 MB

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