100% Woman Since Birth - The Giantess Crossing Confusion

Why is her site called Giantess crossing? Is she a shemale or a transvesite or was a man and now a woman? Is that why she always has such hard makeup on?

It doesn’t happen that often, but every once in a while I read comments like this one. The first times I’ve been totally pissed off. I mean how can someone watch my previews, trailers, clips and assume I could be a man?

But I have to admit there can be a confusion relating “giantess crossing” for people who haven’t seen that much of me. Unfortunately it didn’t came to my mind, when I started, that someone might confuse this with cross-dressing.

Giantess Crossing should have meant “attention, giantess crossing!” Like the traffic sign “deer crossing”, Instead of running into your car, I simply crush it under my giant goddess’ foot, if you’re not vigilant. 😉

I found that funny. That’s my humor. Therefore the traffic-sign in the logo.

Relating the heavy make-up I used in some clips … I don’t want people who know me in real life, like my family or colleagues from work, to recognize me at first sight, like “Wait! Isn’t this our Loryelle doing giantess fetish porn in her free time!?”
Anyways, I got a bit lazy on that, so I use heavy make-up only in a few of my current productions. I often look very similar to what I look in real life now.

So, for everyone who might got confused by the giantess crossing brand:
I’m 100% woman since birth.

giantesscrossing.com – loryelle.net – What’s the point of having two brands?

When I started – when we started, me and my camera man (you can read a few more details in “about me” section) – We didn’t know where the travel would go. I wanted to do mainly the giantess stuff, as I love to be the giant goddess, but I also wanted to try other stuff.

So I planned to have giantesscrossing.com for giantess content and Loryelle for foot fetish and everything else I might explore. That’s just the way I’ve kept it up until today.

If you have further questions, feel free to send me an email.