About me

Gender: 100% woman since birth (shouldn’t need to be mentioned, but I have to admit there can be a confusion relating “giantess crossing“.

Birthday:  2. Sept.

Age: Forever 29  😉

Languages: german (very good), english (good)

Location: Europe / we speak german here. 😉

Asterisk: Virgo

Eye-color: green

Hair-color: changing

Height: 176cm / 5ft 10in

Foot length: 24,5cm / 9.45in

Shoesize: EU 39 / US 7,5
Favorite shoes: knee high boots and high heels

Clothing size: EU 36-38, S-M, US 8-10
Bra: EU 70D, US 32C

Favorite clothing: fancy dresses

Sexuality/Fetishes: I’ve always enjoyed a good foot massage, but since I chat with foot fetishists and giantess fans and hear bout their fantasies, those fetishes really turn me on. I love the power I have over those men. I also enjoy the roleplay as a giant goddess with tiny men at my feet or submissive servants who worship me.

Personality: I’m a dominant, playful and naughty Lady. I love to tease men using my voice, my body and especially my feet. I love to disguise myself and to try different looks. I really enjoy to know how much it turns you on to watch my clips. 🙂

Likes: Creativity, fantasy, imagination, intelligence, honesty, generosity and humor are always a plus. To support and tribute me, by buying my clips or sending me amazon gift cards via mail, is the best way to get my attention.

Dislikes: Wasting my time in general and especially with useless conversation. If you don’t have to say more than “Hi, how do you do?”, please don’t write me.
Requests with a purpose are welcome.

Short story of what initially got me into these fetishes:
In summer 2016 a long time friend of mine told me about his fetish. First I thought he’s just fooling around a bit. But he told me it’s serious and showed me some giantess clips he had on his pc and told me not to think as a weirdo of him, but I just found it funny and cute and a bit fascinating that he was so ashamed about it. I think this is just the most harmless and cutest fetish I could imagine. So I watched these clips and thought, we could do that, too… probably better. If anyone is interested in this and want to watch me doing these things, we should just give it a try and sell those clips for a bit of extra money. He was very excited about the idea, so here we are. Arvellion does most of the technical part (clip-cutting, setting up this homepage etc.) and I do the community stuff, to find out what people want to see and to learn the fetish better. 😉 That’s more or less the whole story so far.