New Download Server

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I’ve never thought that I’d become a nerdy girl some day, but the business around making those clips forces me to learn new technical stuff every day. So yeah, I’m some sort of proud to announce, that I’m currently moving all my clips from a small local file hoster to amazon’s fast cloud service. This should improve the overall download experience of my shop. Yay! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any issues with your order or the website’s shop.

Feedback, praise and criticism relating my clips are always welcome. 🙂
If you like or miss something in my clips, just let me know!

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First Giantess Micro City Movie & Patreon

Loryelle Giantess Attack Microcity in Panic SFX

Hi there,

Giantess Micro City Special Effects Movie

I’m so excited, I finally did my firts micro city movie.
I’ve been often asked for it, so I thought, it’s time to find out, what I can do, with all the skills I’ve learned over the past year.

I reached deep into my bag of tricks to bring you this movie with a lot of destruction happening and an epic soundtrack. ?

You can watch the previews and get the full clip in my shop:
Giantess Attack: A Microcity in Panic SFX (1080p) (EN)
or in a smaller resolution, which probably works better on phones:
Giantess Attack: A Microcity in Panic SFX (720p) (EN)

It was a lot of editing work and I’m very proud on the final result, as long as you keep in mind, it is not a multi million dollar production. So I really hope you enjoy it and if you do, please spread your word and/or send me some feedback.

Your favorite Giantess goes Patreon

If you enjoy my work and want to support me additionally, become my Patreon today:

Then we find out what great giantess clips I can do with a bit of a budget. ?



Giantess goes SSL

Hi there,

You might have had troubles reaching my website today, but for a good reason. I’ve updated it with more security features. It’s now available via new url , which means your connection is now encrypted. Now it is as save as it can be to buy your favorite clips via my website. 🙂

More giantess SFX clips are in the making. The next one will be released in a few days.



Giantess Stepmom Foot Fetish Fantasy

Hi there,
I often got asked for a giantess stepmom scenario, so here it is.
I’m proud to announce my newest giantess special effects clip “Foot Slave of Your Giant Stepmom SFX”. This is one of my favorite clips so far, because I love the idea of having a 6-inch tiny man, who has to worship my tired feet, after wearing my boots all day. If you want to share this fantasy with me, just visit my shop and check it out.

Foot Slave of Your Giant Stepmom SFX >>

Giantess Loryelle Foot Slave of Giant Stepmom SFX