Custom Clips / Photosets

Iā€™m currently not available for customs.

Custom productions only for existing customers, supporters or donors

Due to the many men who contacted me in the past under the false pretext of wanting to order a custom-clip, but actually wanting me to spend as much time as possible, to chat with them endlessly about every aspect of their fetish – of course for free, I’m forced to set up a small obstacle for custom clips.


To be able to order a custom clip of me, you need to have fulfilled at least one of the following requirements:

  • purchase a clip of mine for at least $15 (verification via order number / transaction id or similar required)
  • donated via paypal / amazon gift card at least $15
  • become patreon and already supported with at least $15

Otherwise I’m not going to discuss any details about a potential custom clip order in advance. Usually I still answer a non-binding price-inquiry, as long as it contains all required information, as described below, including preferred clip length and detailed description of what you’d like to see.

Basic Information:

Yes, I do custom videos, audios and photosets in general. If you have special wishes just let me know.
Excluded a priori: I don’t show me naked. I also keep all rights for the clips and I’m going to sell them in my clip stores.

We agree upfront to a price. If clip gets longer for some reason, you don’t have to pay more. If you like your clip and want to send me a bonus for my efforts, I’d say thank you.

Video clips – What will it cost?

This depends pretty much on effort and what you wish for.

One Shot / Single perspective (object crush) clip
$75 / 5 min
+ $5 for each following minute.

Story based clip filming and editing (non-sfx)
$120 / 10 min.
+ $10 for each following minute.

Special effects clip:
$350 / 14 min.

+ $25 for each following minute.

Additional costs could be special props you want to see, that I don’t have at home. So if you want me to wear special shoes or outfits, which I don’t have at home (e.g. pirate or medieval costume), you have to pay for it upfront, that I can order it for the clip. The same applies to toy cars you want me to crush or any figures you want to appear in your custom clip.

If your wanted scenario is very time consuming to produce, it’ll be more expensive. Just ask me for that.
Write me your idea, and I’ll see what I can do about it.

Audio clips – What will it cost?

Like video it depends pretty much on effort. If you just want to hear me saying something or reading a story completely written by you, you can get it as cheap as 5$/ min.

If I have to think about details or you want me to add some audio effects (booming steps for example), this would be almost the same as video clips, because the effort is almost the same. Just ask me for that.

Photosets – What will it cost?

Simple series
such as feet close-ups without face:
25 pics $30
50 pics $35
75 pics $45
100 pics $50

Premium series
mixed face, body and feet shots:
50 pics $50
75 pics $65
100 pics $80

Again this may vary if your wish is very time consuming or if I need special props or outfits I don’t have at home.

You have to pay at least the half of the clip/set price upfront.
Full price if it’s below $30, to show that you’re willing and able to pay your custom order. Second half has to be payed on delivery.

No refunds! Digital media you just can’t give back. Just keep in mind, you pay me for the work I do and the time I need to fulfill your demand. I’ll try to stick as close as possible to your description and/or samples, with a special touch of myself (otherwise you wouldn’t ask for it šŸ˜‰ ). If you are dissatisfied for some reason, we can talk about it and I’ll try to fit your expectations better – next time.

On technical or delivery problems I’ll deliver the file again.