The End of the Flea People Civilization SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: 25 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 1,26 GB
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The Secret Macrophile Club

May I introduce myself. I am Loryelle, the powerful founder and voted president of a secret club for macrophiles. To get the membership you must sign a contract. I hope you’ve read the small print, in which you agree to be shrunken down in size and live from then on at my mercy. You further agree, that I can do with you whatever I want for my personal enjoyment and amusement.

Last week Mr. Martinez begged me to join my club of like-minded people. So I invited him to visit us in the club house.

The Flea People Civilization

I am preparing myself for the initiation of Mr. Martinez, who will arrive in a few minutes. Come closer and have a look! Now you can see my very long mint colored finger nails. Currently I am finishing my nail polish. You see flea sized people on my nails? You hear them scream full of fear to get covered with my nail polish? You think you are hallucinating? I’m afraid you are not. What you see is real. I haven’t mentioned the name of my club, yet. I am the gigantic, powerful and mean president of the “Flea People Civilization”- Club. To become a full member, you must have the size of a flea. If you are taller, I shrink you to this size, when I grant you the membership.

Arrived and Shrunk Down to 1 inch

As I have finished polishing my long fingernails, the door bell rings. Mr. Martinez has arrived to get the honour to become a member of my secret club, so I won’t let him wait. I greet him and instantly shrink him down to 1 inch.

That’s the first thing, I surprise new members with. I love the expressions on their faces, when they realize, that I can shrink people and use this power quite often to have a good collection of shrunken people for my personal enjoyment.

One inch is the perfect size for starting Mr. Martinez initiation ceremony. When I walk over to him, I shortly stop to wipe out a complete group of flea sized people beneath my gigantic bare feet. I don’t understand, why Mr. Martinez is so upset. We want to keep the number of members small. So when a new member joins the club, some of the older members must be eleminated. That is my duty as the club president. To be honest, I love this duty! So I crush some more flea sized people with my titanic toes and extremely long toenails. After teasing Mr. Martinez with my giant feet and giving him the perfect point of view to watch his new giant mistress, I grab him with my gigantic hands. On my way to the table I squish some more helpless flea people under my huge feet and toes  for my excitement. This is so satisfying.

The Initiation of Mr. Martinez – Shrunk to Flea Size

Now it is time for the initiation of Mr. Martinez. I tell the current members to make him a warm welcome. Then I show him how small and helpless the flea people are in comparision to my long fingernails and squish some of them with my nails. Then I shrink Mr. Martinez to flea size. Now he has gained the full membership of the Flea People Civilization.

The First Events and Tasks

Mr. Martinez first great event to join is watching me butt crushing some of the current members. He may enjoy seeing my titanic ass coming closer and closer and finally smashing a group of flea sized people. Then he has to climb my extremely long fingernail. He becomes witness when I crush some flea sized men and women with my gigantic fingers. He also has to watch helplessly, when I grab a group of flea people and throw them into my panty. I love to feel them squirm at my giant pussy and start to pleasure myself. This makes me so hot.

Micro City – Butt Crushes – Teasing with Long Fingernails

Meanwhile Mr. Martinez is one of them and he has to join all events and tasks. He has to hide, when I do some more butt crushes, if he wants to avoid to get flattened under my titanic booty. I catch Mr. Martinez with my long finger nails and let him fall down into one of the micro cities, the club members live in. It is nice to see his long fall down. He shouldn’t have any troubles finding a nice appartment as some of their owners died recently under my feet, fingers and butt.

I put one foot on the table, grab the whole micro city with Mr. Martinez in it and place it on the top of my gigantic, overhanging toenail of my big toe. You can see a lot of flea people standing around the city on my toe and toenail. Some people try to flee and run out of the city down my big toe to the table top. I catch Mr. Martinez and another member and throw them back into the city.

Then I sit down and enjoy the view down on the micro city. I play with it using  my long fingernails and gigantic hands and rake through the microcity with my huge fingers to shovel some of the little citizens upon my fingernails.

The End of the Flea People Civilization

I haven’t told you yet, but now it is time to say: I love flea sized people, but unfortunately for them I enjoy even more to squish or crush them. So I decide to butt crush all the micro cities the flea peole have built on my table. My titanic ass smashes them and I get really excited. I catch Mr. Martinez an trap him into the back side of my panty. I want him to have the perfect view on my titanic booty. He shall see it from up close and smell it. After I trapped him into my panty, I sit down another time. That was the end of the flea people civilization … nearly. The remaining flea people on the floor get crushed by my gigantic goddess‘ bare feet, while I leave the room.

Nail Fetish, Hands and Foot Fetish, Butt Crushes

Become a member of the Flea People Civilisation and enjoy:

  • many butt crushes of flea sized people and even whole cities.
  • whole groups of flea sized people getting wiped out beneath my titanic bare feet.
  • micro city and flea people running around in panic on my big toe and toenail
  • several panty entrapment scenes front and back
  • flea people getting crushed by my fingernails
  • flea sized people interacting with my mountainous fingernails.
  • pov shots of my booty, feet and hands

Note: This very unique clip was a custom clip production.

Language: english voice-over
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.


Additional information

File size:

1,26 GB

Running Time:

25 minutes





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