Foot Slave of your Boss’s Daughter


  • Running Time: 23,5 minutes
  • Resolution: 1080p
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The New Accountant

It’s your first day in a new company and you absolutely need that job, so it’s essential for you to make a good impression to your supervisors.

When you enter Loryelle’s office, she makes clear that she has a lot to do and no time to talk to you for long. She commands you to worship her shoes, as if that were a normal task for an accountant.

When you refuse to become her personal foot slave, she tells you that she is your boss’s daughter and you’ll lose your new job, if you don’t do what you were told.

Degraded to the boss’s bratty daughter’s personal foot slave

While you have to worship her patent heels, her nylon covered feet and her smelly bare feet, Loryelle does her daily business management, including phone calls with business partners and her dad, where she talks about you, being an incompetent accountant.

You get regularly her attention and she tells you exactly how she wants you to worship and smell her feet and shoes. So you have to remove sock lint, lick over her wonderful soles and get your tongue right in between her sweaty  toes to remove all of her toejam. You have to lay down on the floor, while Loryelle rubs her smelly feet all over your face.

While you show resistance at the beginning and refuse every command, you slowly get used to it (or at least pretend to do so). So your job is save for this day. Who knows what happens tomorrow.

Long POV Foot Worship & Foot Smelling Clip

This clip is over 23 minutes long and shows a lot of detailed close-ups of goddess Loryelle’s heavenly feet. While the main focus is worshipping Loryelle’s sexy bare feet, there are also intense nylon stocking and shoe worshipping scenes.

Get it now and expericence how it is to worship these beautiful feet by yourself.

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Running Time:

23,5 minutes




1,2 GB

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