Giantess Loryelle’s Cruel Office Massacre SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: approx. 27 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 1,35 GB
  • Format: MP4


Please note: This clip contains some explicit crushes of tiny men under high heel sandals and nylon covered feet.

Cruel Woman Crushes Her Shrunken Co-Workers

Bad day for Loryelle’s office co-workers who have harassed her. They got shrunk and it’s Loryelle’s greatest fun to hunt them and squish them beneath her high heel sandals and nylon covered feet like nasty bugs. They beg for mercy, but cruel giantess Loryelle isn’t in the mood to spare their tiny lifes.

Loryelle gets hot, when she crushes her tiny colleagues. She enjoys to tease them before crushing them with her huge nylon covered feet. She wears nothing under her very transparent black pantyhose, so her victims can imagine how her pussy looks like before they die under her soles or toes. The french manicure and pedicure makes her gigantic hands and toes very attractive, the perfect weapons to kill her hated co-workers.

Twisted Out Like a Cigarette

First she crushes one of her colleagues, who has been shrunk down to a size of approx. 2 inches with her black high heel sandals. Before the final crush she teases him with her toes and heels. She rises her foot and puts it down on the tiny man that is begging for mercy and then she twists him out with her foot. At last Loryelle slowy swipes her shoe back, leaving a small, thin strip of blood on the floor. All that is left from her colleague is his smashed body in a blood stain.

Slow and Fast Crushes

After squishing her first victim Loryelle notices two further co-workers, who try to escape. But they have no chance. Giant goddess Loryelle walks straight ahead to crush them. The two tiny guys stand anxious in a corner with no chance to escape Loryelle’s gigantic feet. They pray to her and beg for re-enlargement. What a fun and pleasure for mean Loryelle. The first one gets crushed very slowly under the eyes of his friend. The second one gets smashed within a second. All that remains are two squished tiny bodies and two stains of blood.

The Ulitimate Cruelity?

Another co-worker shall lose his life. But now Loryelle won’t take care of humanity. First she teases him with her high heeled feet. Then she crushes him many times, twists him out. That is not enough. Loryelle wants to see more blood and humiliation. She tears his body into two pieces. One part remains under her titanic foot, the other part gets squished by her gigantic fingers.

Time to Get Rid of the Shoes

Before she puts off her second sandal she crushes another tiny man, while his colleague cries for help. Now it is time for a nice and brutal toe crush. Said and done, mean Loryelle teases her co-worker with her gigantic big nylon covered toe. Then she crushes him once and once again, until nothing more is left than a blood stain.

The final Cut

If you think you have already seen the ultimate cruelty – you are wrong. Now gigantic Loryelle has a devlish plan. She wants to crush her last remaining colleague in a very cruel way.

She teases him moving and wiggling her pantyhosed toes and toenails on his tiny body. Then she crushes and breaks one of his arms under her pantyhosed foot. Then she crushes the other arm too, before she slowly crushes his legs until they break.

He is still alive screaming in pain.

She rises her pantyhosed foot up and puts her sole down on him very very slowly, softly putting her pantyhosed foot on his body and then making more and more pressure while he screams with his tiny high shrill voice. When his body disappears under her sole she starts grinding him into the floor.

What a great day in the office for mean giantess Loryelle.

Shrunken Men Crush

The clip contains many POV scenes and a lot of explicit and bloody special effects crush scenes. I wear a black dress, black high heel sandals, pantyhose with noting under it, nylon covered feet with french nails.
This clip was a custom clip. If you loved “Loryelle’s Five Steps Up the Career Ladder SFX” You will enjoy this one, too.

Language: english
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.


Additional information

Running Time:

approx. 27 minutes




HD 1080p

File Size:

1,35 GB

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