Giantess Loryelle’s Military Foot Toys – Part ONE (EN) (Audio Drama)


  • Part One
  • Running Time: 17:40 mins
  • Format: mp3


Trailer (Complete Edition):

Please note, this is part ONE of two. A complete edition is also available.

This is a custom clip and my first audio drama.

I rampage as a giantess through a german city, while a nearby american army base tries to stop me.

You may expect:
17:40 mins of most evil giantess foot humiliation action I could think of. 😉
I’ve written the whole scenario by myself.
Listen how the most powerful army in the world gets degraded to my foot toys.
Audio Fx (booming steps, vehicle sounds, screaming people, squasing sounds and else)

If you are into giantess smelly foot humiliation,  this one is for you.

Additional information


mp3 audio file

Running time:

17:40 mins

File size:

29,2 MB