Housesitter of my Giant Stepmom SFX (EN)


  • Running Time: 15 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 786 MB
  • Format: MP4


Stepmom returns from a Journey.

I go on a journey and leave my naughty stepsons Sean and Ian as housesitters at home.
There are only two rules: No parties in my house and hands off the house bar.

The clip starts several days later, when I return from my travel. I’m shocked, when I see, what they did to my house. It’s a complete mess and my stepsons are missing. While I search in my house for them, it’s not hard to guess, that they had the party of their life.

Unaware Giantess Stepmom

What I don’t know. The party guests are still at my place, but have been shrunken down to around half an inch. I accidently step on some of them with my wooden clogs and bare feet, while they try to get my attention.

I couldn’t find Sean and Ian, so I decide to lay down for a nap and wait for them. I plan punish them when they return. Meanwhile I crush some more of the  shrunken people. One under my giant butt, some others at my feet and on my breasts, who tried to climb them.

I wake up a bit later and find a box with sweets. I eat one with a tiny party guest on it. Delicious!

I decide to look for my stepsons outside. When I leave the door I stumble across a toy car. It’s one of their favorite toy cars. So I crush it to take my revenge. Unfortunately some nearby tinies get squished, too.

Then I see them! Tiny Sean and Ian at my feet. They’ve not just messed up my house and had a party, they’ve also opened the house bar in the search for spirits. They have accidently mistaken my shrinking tonic for some sort of spirits.

Get the clip and find out, what her angry stepmom does to Sean and Ian. 😉

This clip contains many barefoot and wooden sandals close-ups involving crushes of tiny men. A vore scene, a butt crush, a thumb and a hand crush.

A short toy car crush is also included. Attention, this contains a bit of raw footage from my “Loryelle Crushes your Favorite Toy Car” clip.



Additional information

File size:

787 MB

Running Time:

15 minutes