Loryelle – Goddess of Micro Cities SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: 31 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 1,57 GB
  • Format: MP4



My Secret Plan to Become a Giantess

I dream of shrinking whole cities with thousands of people living in it.
I want to be their goddess and I want them to be my tiny toys.
This is why I worked hard to become a leading scientist in technology.

Guess why I’m, telling you that?
Because it doesn’t matter anymore. Your city is about to be shrunk and teleported to my home – with you in it. Micro cities at my mercy.

Mean Giant Goddess

I enter the room and find one of the shrunken cities right next to my massive feet. It’s so small that I could easily wipe out the whole city beneath my big toe. All those micro people with their tiny lifes and jobs couldn’t do anything about it.

No matter what they did before and the plans they had. Now they are just tiny specks, helplessly exposed to a giant goddess. Being not taller than a small crumb between my toes must be very humiliating.

Unfortunately (for them) I find out very soon, that it’s very tempting to terrorize this micro civilisation with my giant feet, mouth and butt. They have to work as my toenail slaves, admire my massive soft butt or become my tiny snacks. Thoes who try to escape, don’t get very far.

How long can I resist to crush a whole city with thousands of people living in it for a short intense feeling of power and lust? Let’s find out.

One of the best micro city clips available!
If you have a giantess fetish, you don’t want to miss it!

Giantess Feet, Butt, Vore, Nails – Fetish combined with elaborate special effects

Become a citizen in one of my micro cities and enjoy:

  • mountainous feet and toes terrorizing a micro city and their citizens
  • butt crush of a whole city.
  • a micro house built on my toenail
  • tiny people work on my toenail
  • watching a titanic goddess from the eyes of micro citizens
  • flea people in panic
  • vore of people and a helicopter
  • devastating crushes of car, planes, helicopter and whole cities.
  • pov shots of my booty, feet and nails
  • storydriven
  • city on toenail and in my shoe

Language: english


Additional information

File size:

1,57 GB

Running Time:

31 minutes





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