Giantess Loryelle’s Buggy Workout SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: approx. 31 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 1,55 GB
  • Format: MP4


Unaware Giantess Workout Victims

When the weather is cold outside and you let the front door open, you always have the risk of some tiny pests moving in. That’s what happens to Loryelle, when a bunch of micro settlers explore the giantess’ house, looking for a new place to live. Unfortunately they get surprised by unaware giantess Loryelle, while they scout their new potential home.

Loryelle starts her daily workout session, doing some jogging in place and ground excercises so the first tiny explorers get smushed instantly under Loryelle’s massive sneaker soles and her huge fingers.

When Loryelle’s feet start to sweat in her sneakers, she decides to put them off to air her hot  giantess’ feet. Her socked foot is too much to handle for some other tiny visitors, before she removes her socks as well.

Loryelle performs some ground exercises with a few tines admiring her mountain sized bare feet, until they get smashed by Loryelle’s careless movements of her giant toes and soles. Some others manage to climb onto the goddess’ belly and admire her sexy navel. No one of them survives for long.

Smushed by Loryelle’s mighty ass

Now it’s time for a ride on the bicycle ergometer. The lucky tiny explorers on the saddle get the perfect view on Loryelle’s massive swinging ass, in front of them and moving very close to them until they get smothered and finally buried under it.

Maybe you’d rather switch places with the tiny guy on the very front of the saddle, between Loryelle’s moving thighs, up close to her hot pussy, while she rides her indoor bike? Would you try to climb into her sport pants, looking for a warm and cosy place?

While it’s not hard to guess, what happens to the micro explorers on the ergometer’s pedals, when Loryelle’s huge bare foot arrives, you might be curious about the fate of some other tiny guys, such as the brave man, who stands on the ergometer’s contol panel, close to Loryelle’s enourmous boobs. Wow, what a fantastic view! You won’t give it up. Not even for your own savety.

Also don’t miss to watch the tiny guy balancing on Loryelle’s giant biceps or another tiny fellow, hangig from Loryelle’s pants, close to her massive ass.

Many macrophile dreams come true in this unaware giantess workout clip. Don’t miss it!

Sporty Giantess

Get your copy right now, if you enjoy

  • many butt crushes
  • lots of sneakers crushes
  • many barefoot crushes
  • socks crushes
  • hand crushes
  • belly button crush
  • boobs crush
  • body exploration
  • barefoot worshipping
  • panty, booty and belly button worshipping
  • stunning POV shots
  • tiny people size  1/4 to 1/2 inches

… and as seen in many Giantess Loryelle SFX productions:
80 plus quality special effects scenes with real actors instead of plastic figures.

Additional information

Running Time:

approx. 31 minutes





File Size:

1,55 GB

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