Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date FOUR – Captured in my Panty SFX (EN)


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Giantess Body Exploration and Panty Entrapment

I enjoy my Saturday evening, reading a book while relaxing on my couch. I wear my pigeon-blue lingerie and a short black kimono. Suddenly I hear someone knocking on my door. It is my uncongenial boss Harry Handerson.

Nevertheless I let him in, because I am curious what he wants. I notice that he stares at me. He tells me that I should wear this clothing also in the office. Then he pretends that I should join him at his late night business meeting.

I know he lies and he only tries to get at me. But Mr. Handerson does not know that I have an extraordinary talent: I can shrink people, if I am very annoyed.  Woosh – and Mr. Handerson got shrunk to a size of one inch. Now it is time for my revenge. Now tiny Harry Handerson is my toy for the rest of the evening or maybe for ever?

Giantess uses her tiny man in every way she likes

First Harry has to give his best as my foot slave. Than he has to explore my boobies, massage them and dance for me between my mountain sized tits. After this it is time for some butt crush and pampering my titanic ass. Harry tries his best, but he is not good enough for my taste. So I decide to use him as my pussy slave. I tell him to climb my panty. Then I grab him and entrap him in my laze panty. He tries to escape, but he has no chance. His squirming makes me wet and Harry has to bring me to an orgasm. The more Harry struggles and squirms the more wet and excited I get. Harry’s fate will be to stay in my cave, as long as I want. 😉

It shows: main focus is on panty entrapment; butt crushes, boobs exploration, foot humiliation, body exploration, shrinking man to a size of one inch

Loryelle’s Dating Diary

This is the third chapter of a series, called “Loryelle’s Dating Diary”.
Every episode has another special fetish in focus. I’ve planned so far breast crush *Date ONE*, barefoot *Date TWO*, nylons *Date THREE*, panty entrapment (including body exploration) *this one* … boots, buttcrush, vore, belly crush, socks, inshoecrush, hand crush, if you want to add something to this list (no nudity), just let me know. 😉

Language: english voice-over
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.

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File size:

1.54 GB

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30 mins