My Giant Stepmom’s Booty Smashes Me SFX (720p)


  • Running Time: approx. 20 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 720p
  • File Size: 597 MB
  • Format: MP4


Secretly Dating My Stepmom

I am in favour for my stepmom Loryelle. Today she will give me a chance, she made a date with me. I am so curious what will happen.

To my surprise, Loryelle obviously does not feel the same for me. She tells me that I am a naughty boy and that she is annoyed by me. I am upset and make fun of her. But that was my worst idea ever, because my stepmom has shrinking powers.

Continuously Shrinking

After stepmom Loryelle flicked with her fingers I start shrinking down from 6ft 4in to 5ft. She wants me to worship her gigantic boobies. I have to touch and massage them.

After Giantess Loryelle’s second finger flick I reach the size of approx. 4 ft. Now she forces me to pamper, lick and kiss her pussy through her panty and then I have to sniff and massage her titanic stepmom booty.

My giant stepmom’s third finger flick let me shrink continiously from 4ft to the size of at least less than one inch. On my way to tiny bug size I have to worship, lick and clean her gigantic bare feet. I see her soft big soles coming down on me and I must be careful, that I don’t get crushed. Her toenails are huge compared to my tiny body.

At the tiny size of 2in my stepmom grabs me from the floor and traps me in her panty. I have to stay inside, while she pleasures herself with her huge hand. After a while Loryelle puts me on a stool and butt crushes me several times. I feel her titanic ass dropping on my tiny body. I nearly get smashed.

When I reach the size of only one inch, I have to worship the devine Goddess’ feet of my stepmom again. Then Loryelle catches me and puts me in her panty a second time. It is warm and wet inside and I inhale her smell. At least my stepmom decides to take a seat on tiny bug-sized me.

Giant Stepmom Booty

I see her gigantic butt coming closer and closer. The titanic ass of my giant stepmom covers my whole body. As I think she comes to an end, Loryelle makes a final butt crush on me and masturbates while she squishes my worthless tiny body under her titanic Goddess’ ass.

  • Shrinking scenario from nomal size to 1 in. Most time of the vid size beetween 6 in and 2 in.
  • Many butt crushes from different angles
  • two times panty entrapment
  • footworshipping
  • sniffing of panty, booty and barefeet
  • massaging boobies
  • pov and a lot of sfx

Language: english voice-over
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.


Additional information

Running Time:

approx. 20 minutes





File Size:

597 MB

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