My Smelly Feet in Your Dinner (1080p)


  • Running Time: 18 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
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Enjoy Your Dinner from my High Heels and Sweaty Feet

After an eight hour shift in those high heels, my feet got all sweaty and smelly. Perfect conditions to relax them in my slave’s dinner.

I place a chair on the table, where my slave is going to take his meal and I take a seat on it. Right in front of me at my feet sits my slave with his dinner, waiting for permission to finally eat.

First he has to kiss and lick the dirty bottoms of my high heels, before I step into his food with them. Then he may lick the first portion of his delicious food from my dirty high heels.

After a few minutes, I want to relax a bit more, so my slave has to remove my high heels from my feet and inhale their scent deeply. I press my stinky toes right on his nose and force him to inhale my foot smell. Oh yes, I love it when he has to breathe through my stinky toes. Airing my feet in his face feels so good.

Burying my Stinky Toes in his Meal

Of course we don’t want my slave’s dinner getting cold, as he wasn’t allowed to eat anything else that day. So he must be very hungry. I bury my smelly toes deep into his meal of rice, meat and vegetables. Until my feet are all covered in warm, wet food. It feels so relaxing. My slave seems a little bit disgusted. As I could smell my own feet from up here, I think that’s ok.

Slave Feeding with my Feet

I always use one foot to shovel the food onto the other, before I raise them a bit, so that my slave is able to lick all of his delicious meal from my sweaty soles and of course from inbetween my stinky toes. So humiliating, but delicious!

I also use my toes to shovel good portions of his meal into my slave’s mouth and let him suck my toes.

My slave is not allowed to use his hands when desperately trying to get all the good food from my feet.

I sit back and relax from the day, playing with my phone, while my slave keeps enjoying his meal from my sweaty, aromatic goddess feet until he has eaten it all up. Good boy! That’s how I like it.

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Running Time:

18 minutes



File Size:

932 MB

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