Punished by Your Giant Stepmom SFX (720p)


  • Running Time: 27 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 720p
  • File Size: 626 MB
  • Format: MP4


Loryelle shrinks her naughty stepson

Annoyed of her stepson Gary, Loryelle shrinks him down to a size of approx. 3 inches. Now it is time for her to take revenge for all the impudence Gary showed his stepmom in the past. Giant stepmom Loryelle stands up to catch her tiny stepson with her gigantic hand. Gary is frightened and near a faint as the titanic palm of Loryelle’s hands approaches to grab him.

Full blend of humiliation by a giant stepmom as education program

Now Loryelle decides to give her scared stepson the full blend of giantess humiliation to discipline him.

Lesson one: foot worshipping and boobs humiliation
Loryelle put her tiny stepson on the table and forces him to worship, lick and massage her giant soft soles. Gary does as he’s told. He pampers, massages and licks the giantess’ sweaty feet. Loryelle is turned on by watching her tiny helpless stepson pampering her giant feet and starts to touch herself. Sometimes Loryelle stands up and scares Gary with her titanic boobies, while he should go on worshipping her feet.

Lesson two: pov foot and booty punishment
Loryelle put her little stepson on her couch. She stands in front of him, so she looks immensely gigantic to Gary. His giant stepmom threatens Gary with her titanic soles and toes. She continues touching herself while she looks down to her worthless tiny stepson. Sometimes she turns around and teases Gary with her titanic ass.

Lesson three: butt crush
After this, it is time for some butt crushes. Gary tries his best, to survive Loryelle’s booty torture to reach lesson four. He has to bear some butt crushes of his giant stepmom. It is a cruel fate to get smothered by Loryelle’s titanic, heavy ass. But Gary is tough enough to stay alive somehow.

Lesson four: panty entrapment and panty worshipping
Now Loryelle uses Gary as her panty slave. She traps him into her panty and he has to massage her pussy from inside while she masturbates. After her first orgasm, she pulls out Gary and forces him to worship her panty from outside while she continues to pleasure herself. Loryelle is very horny now. So she wants to feel her tiny stepson inside her wet panty a second time. She traps Gary into her panty again and use him to get off a second time.

Lesson five: be used as a tiny snack and be vored and digested
After having two very nice orgasms, Loryelle becomes hungry. Perfect time for the final lesson. She pulls poor, exhausted Gary out of her panty. She likes that he is wet from her juice and smells after her sexy pussy – a perfect little snack for a mean giant stepmom. Loryelle teases tiny scared Gary with her tongue. Then she devoures him as a whole. You may join Gary’s journey from his stepmom’s mouth down her throat. Loryelle is fully satisfied now.

The full blend of giantess fetish action

Main focus is on panty entrapment (different perspectives), panty worshipping and masturbation; it also contains a lot of hot butt crushes (sfx and pov) and booty humiliation, boobs humiliation, foot humiliation and foot worshipping, grabbing with gigantic hands, vore and mouth fetish (shots from outside and inside the mouth as well as an esophagus scene), nice pov shots of feet and booty, shrinking man to a size of approx. three to four inches.

Enjoy this amazing giantess stepmom fetish adventure!

Language: english voice-over
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.


Additional information

Running Time:

27 minutes





File Size:

626 MB

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