Shrunk and Smashed SFX – Part TWO – Aware (1080p)


  • Running Time: 12 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 640 MB
  • Format: MP4


 Trailer – Part TWO:


On special request I’ve split up the “Shrunken and Smashed SFX” Clip into
Part ONE – Unaware
Part TWO – Aware (This one)
So you can choose the scenario you like best or
get the full experience with the Complete Edition (recommended).

Story starts with unaware scenario in Shrunk and Smashed SFX – Part ONE

Hunting Tiny Thieves in High Heel Sandals

I decide to go out. So I put my red high heel sandals on. Before leaving the room I check my laptop, to find the security mode activated. Ha! Perfect! Finally I have a closer look on the floor and find those greedy shrunken thieves. Time to teach them a lesson for trying to steal my invention. I walk around my hotel room, hunting and crushing every little tiny bugman I can find under my huge high heel sandaled foot. Some of them try to outrun my enormous feet, whenever I come close, but they don’t have a chance. They are too small.

Many of them get flattened under my beautiful feet. The last thing they see is my dirty sandal sole coming down on them. A few have to watch helpless, how their friends disappear under my beautiful sandaled feet first, just to follow them a moment later. Oh yes! This is so satisfying. This is the best they deserve for their greed.

One Lucky Guy for Panty Entrapment

It turns me on to be so powerful. To step on all those worthless tiny guys crawling in the dust at my feet. They hope for my mercy, but I twist them out of existence beneath my huge beautiful feet instead.

I think I could need a little pleasure-helper. A tiny guy is hiding under the bedside table. I grab him and throw him into my panty. Squirm little man, squirm for the pleasure of your goddess!

Two more guys get twisted out, before I leave the room. Obviously it wasn’t the best idea, trying to steal my stuff.

Many, Many Crushes

You definitely want to watch this clip, if you like:

  • aware giantess scenario
  • many tiny men crushes in beautiful high-res close-ups
  • size of the tinies under 1/2 inch
  • sexy bare feet in high heel sandals
  • exciting pov shots in sandals
  • nice panty entrapment scene
  • booming steps and some camera/ground shakes
  • long, red polished finger and toe nails

Don’t miss this great tiny man crush special effects movie!

Language: english voice-over
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.


Additional information

Running Time:

12 minutes





File Size:

640 MB

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