Stepmom’s Vengeance 3 – Bare Feet SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: 13.5 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 704 MB
  • Format: MP4


Stepmom Giantess

Loryelle’s stepdaughter was betrayed by her boyfriend Frank with a bitch called Susan. This is nothing Loryelle with her secret shrinking powers is going to tolerate. So Loryelle decides to take revenge for her heartbroken stepdaughter.

For the perfect vengeance Loryelle invites Frank and Susan and shrink them down to a size of approximately 1 inch. Loryelle considers Susan not even worth to talk to, while she humiliates the tiny couple.
If you enjoy high heels, don’t miss Episode 1.
Do you love giantess nylon feet? Jump to Episode 2.

Giantess Bare Feet

In Episode 3 Loryelle has already removed her sweaty nylon stockings and  tortures the toe-sized couple Frank & Susan with her really stinky giantess  bare feet.
What punishment could be even worse than becoming the helpless tiny foot toy of your girlfriend’s giant stepmom, especially when she has extra smelly feet?

Loryelle totally enjoys scaring these little pests with her smelly toes.
The small people are too small to run away so they have to worship and sniff the giant stepmom’s dirty bare feet, while Loryelle shows some sexy foot play and hot toe spreading right in their tiny faces and also performs a little butt teasing.

Frank and his love affair have to avoid getting stepped on or hurt by the enormous feet, while Loryelle spreads her stinky toes for them.

But even the best punishment has to come to an end and Loryelle has really mean plans for them. Loryelle seperates the tiny couple. Then Frank has to watch helplessly how his sexy love affair gets crushed under Loryelle’s massive smelly foot as if she were nothing more than a nasty bug.
Only a red stain on the floor remains of her.

After that Loryelle captures tiny Frank and imprisons him in the toe section of her huge high heel. She also stuffs her worn nylon stocking in the shoe so he can’t escape his smelly prison. Now he has all the time to regret his betrayal on Loryelle’s stepdaughter.

You don’t want to miss this clip, if you enjoy smelly giantess feet and humiliation involving:

  • bare feet close-ups
  • smelly dirty feet
  • mean giantess
  • special effects 1 inch tiny couple
  • crush

This is the episode 3 of 3 of Stepmom’s Vengeance SFX.

Language: english
Please note: I could also offer the clip in german language. If interested, just ask for it as a custom.


Additional information

Running Time:

13.5 minutes





File Size:

704 MB

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