Unaware Bugmen Chronicles 2 – Bugs in the Kitchen SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: 19.5 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 1 GB
  • Format: MP4


The Unaware Bugmen Chronicles

It’s hard to live in a goddess’ home, being nothing more than a small insignificant bugman. In the civilization of bugmen the meaning of life is clear: Worship your beautiful giant goddess until your last breath. You have to  worship her enormous perfect body, her giant feet and her massive, beautiful butt. Be aware of her careless movements. You’re never save when being close to a mountain sized goddess. This life on the edge is hard, but very intense.  Every moment can be your last, so every moment is precious for a bugman with such a short life expectancy. No need to mention, it’s a great honor for a bugman being squashed by his adored giant goddess.

After we saw in Episode 1 what has happened to the incautious bugmen in Loryelle’s bedroom, it’s time for breakfeast.

Episode 2 – Bugman in the Kitchen

Loryelle opens the door to leave her bedroom and directly surprises another two tiny bugmen, who hang around on the floor. When they see the giantess approaching, they try to outrun Loryelle’s huge feet. But they’re too small, so they get squashed beneath them.

A few more bugmen get surprised by their goddess’ appearance, when Loryelle reaches the kitchen. It’s just impossible to escape those incredibly huge feet, when being smaller than the giantess’ pinky toe.

After so many losses on bugmen side, they try to get Loryelle’s attention, but without any effort.

Loryelle just does her everyday routine. While she prepares a glass of orange  juice and a coffee, some bugmen lose their tiny lifes on the sideboard, by either getting squashed beneath Loryelle’s hands and butt or getting drunk, while swimming in Loryelle’s juice.

A brave tiny bugman manages to climb Loryelle’s giant body, but gets accidently smushed beneath Loryelle’s giant breasts.

Most of the poor bugmen get squashed beneath Loryelle’s wooden mules, bare feet and toes, while she absentmindedly plays around with them. She doesn’t even feel the tiny lifes, she wipes out of existence.

Get this hot unaware giantess feet focused special effects clip now

…and enjoy micro sized people smaller than 1/4 inch in size, experiencing

  • many barefoot crushes
  • many wooden mules crushes
  • butt crush
  • breast crush
  • finger crush
  • vore (drinking)
  • body exploration
  • fully unaware scenario
  • detailed close-ups
  • sexy pov shots

The Unaware Bugmen Chronicles will be continued in further episodes.

Additional information

Running Time:

19.5 minutes





File Size:

1 GB

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