Unaware Bugmen Chronicles 3 – A Buggy Breakfast SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: 18 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 929 MB
  • Format: MP4


The Unaware Bugmen Chronicles

It’s hard to live in a goddess’ home, being nothing more than a small insignificant bugman. In the civilization of bugmen the meaning of life is clear: Worship your beautiful giant goddess until your last breath. You have to  worship her enormous perfect body, her giant feet and her massive, beautiful butt. Be aware of her careless movements. You’re never save when being close to a mountain sized goddess. This life on the edge is hard, but very intense.  Every moment can be your last, so every moment is precious for a bugman with such a short life expectancy. No need to mention, it’s a great honor for a bugman being squashed by his adored giant goddess.

After we saw in Episode 1 what has happened to the incautious bugmen in Loryelle’s bedroom and in Episode 2 what a dangerous place a giantess’ kitchen can be it’s time for the giantess to take a little snack.

Episode 3 – Bugmen between my sweaty toes

Loryelle unawarely steps on the last micro survivors in her kitchen, before she takes her orange juice, a cup of coffee and two delicious chocolate cookies with her to the breakfast nook.

When she sits down, another tiny guy get squished beneath her mighty ass.

This is the most important time for a bugman. When the giant goddess has prepared herself a meal, it’s the best chance to gather something to eat. With a bit of luck they can find a small piece of bread or a cookie crumb, which has dropped to the floor and now sticks somewhere on Loryelle’s beautiful giant foot, after she has stepped on it.

Today many tiny bugmen take their chance to climb their giant goddess’ sole and in between her sweaty and dirty toes in the hope of finding some food. You don’t may be too sensitive in terms of eating when being a bugmen, as you don’t have many choices.

Meanwhile a few more bugmen worship their goddess feet from floor level. They are so tiny compared to the giant goddess toes, but they should be more careful as they might get squished by Loryelle’s unaware hot foot play.

Amazing Vore Scene

A few bugmen mange to climb on the table to find Loryelle’s lanscape sized cookie. Unfortunately it’s not the best idea to climb on a giantess’ food, except you want to be vored alive by her.

Loryelle is completely unaware of the chaos she causes in the bugmen colony, while she reads a book and enjoys her little snack.

100% Unaware Giantess

Get this hot unaware giantess feet focused special effects clip now and enjoy micro sized people smaller than 1/4 inch in size, experiencing

  • tons of detailed close-up shots of giant toes vs micro sized people
  • barefoot crushes
  • toe crushes
  • beautiful vore scenes
  • butt crush (SFX and pov)
  • finger play (grabbing tiny people)
  • booty worshipping
  • bare feet worshipping
  • clogs crush
  • body exploration
  • pov scenes
  • shrunken men and women

This is the final episode of this season’s Unaware Bugmen Chronicles.

Additional information

Running Time:

18 minutes





File Size:

929 MB

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