Victims of a Mean Enchantress SFX (1080p)


  • Running Time: 34 minutes
  • Resolution: HD 1080p
  • File Size: 1,48 GB
  • Format: MP4


Evil Games of a Giantess Enchantress

Far from big cities, deep in the woods on a lonely rock rises an ancient stone tower in the air, inhabited by an evil witch. She loves to shrink humans to tiny size and enslave them. The tiny men become her tiny toys for her personal entertainment and enjoyment, but the evil witch doesn’t care much, if her tiny victims survive her cruel games.

It’s a rare thing when strangers get lost in the woods and find her tower, so she entices men, under false pretenses to visit her. The poor guy who is going to visit her today is in joyful expectation of a romantic Halloween date with a beautiful woman.

While waiting for her date, the evil witch plays with a shrunken guy on the table, using her huge fingernails. When someone knocks on the door, she crushes the tiny helpless  guy with her finger and licks his remains off from it, before she opens.

The new guest is her expected date. She shrink him instantly down to 1/2 inch. The tiny guy has to run for his life, while the witches’ giant booming steps are right after him. While chasing the tiny guy, she unawarely crushes another tiny captive of hers under her huge strappy sandals.

Loryelle gets interrupted as someone else knocks on the door. When she opens, she finds three more men and shrink them all down as well. What a lucky day for the evil witch. Some more tiny helpless men to play with.

Loryelle crushes the first of the three friends under her giant sandal and twist him out like a cigarette. Then she demands another tiny captive to come closer. She grabs him and throws him into her panty, before she starts to pleasure herself. So her new guests get a good impression of how their dark fate will look like.

Loryelle removes her strappy sandals and teases a tiny captive with her huge bare feet. She thinks about crushing him, before she decides to make him her little snack.

One guy runs away the other gets captured instantly by the giantess enchantress ‘ hand and carried to the next table where he has to clean her mountainous dirty and stinky feet with his tiny tongue. While Loryelle’s date and another captive stand on the floor, watching in fear the evil witches’ huge  toes, which could crush them at any time.

She enjoys seeing the tiny guy worshipping her huge sole, until she decides he would be a good snack as well, so she grabs him and teases him with her wet tongue. She enjoys his fear before she devours him.

The Giantess Enchantress catches her date from the floor. On her way through the room she discovers the last survivor of her newer guests. With an evil smile on her face and sprawling huge booming steps she hunts the poor tiny guy over the floor. Of course he is too small to escape, so she smashes him into the ground under her huge bare foot. Also an older prisoner who unluckily stumbles in her way gets stepped on unawarely by her giant heel.

Loryelle has a special surprise for her date. She knows he likes her huge sexy  butt, so she twerks him right in his tiny face and let her massive ass drop onto the tiny guy several times, until she performs the final butt crush.

Don’t miss this outstanding giantess adventure

Get your copy right now, if you enjoy

  • a lot of of butt crushes and booty humiliation
  • strappy high heel sandal crushes
  • barefoot crushes
  • vore scenes with tounge play, ingested scenes of the stomach and esophagus
  • panty entrapment
  • masturbation scenes
  • long barefoot worshipping scenes
  • finger crush
  • sexy pov scenes
  • size of the tinies approx 1/2 inch

I wish you a hot happy Halloween!

Additional information

Running Time:

34 minutes





File Size:

1,48 GB

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