VR 360° 4K Giantess Loryelle City Destroyer II


  • Running Time: 10 minutes
  • Resolution: 3840×1920 VR 360° 4K
  • File Size: 2,13 GB
  • Format: MP4


vr360 gts Loryelle city destroyer 2 giantess sneakers socks

Giantess Sneakers, Socks and Bare Feet

You thought, you were save, but now she is back! Giantess Loryelle is towering over your city again, in this new giantess 360 vr 4k clip. She wears a short black and white colored dress and sneakers with white ankle socks. She also shows her perfect feet with long, red polished toenails, in the second part of the clip. You will also peek her hot red panty while she stops through your city.

Giantess City Rampage in VR

Whole buildings get flattened right next to you by giant goddess Loryelle, while you have to watch as a small and helpless citizen. She often sets her huge feet very close to you. So you need to be afraid, that you could be the next to get squashed under these enormous giantess’ sneakers, socks or bare feet at any time.

Giantess Loryelle is playful as you know her and has some naugthy ideas of what to do with those tiny citizens and their property. such as crushing a tiny car under her sneakers. First she steps onto it in accident, before she decides to completely smash it into pieces, while she laughs.

She grabs a police man and tastes him, but then she decides to throw him in her panty and another one in her sock. Mean Loryelle flattens some buildings under her sneakers, but she isn’t really sorry about it.

You’re not save of her evil games. Loryelle grabs you and place you on a rooftop that you can’t escape. See her huge butt hovering above you and  watch helplessly, what she does to other citizens.

POV from Inside Loryelle’s Sneakers

When she decides, it’s time to crush you, she places you onto the moist and smelly insole of her dirty sneaker. Watch in fear her giant toes coming for you.

Enjoy many exciting POV scenes in this great 360 VR 4K clip with gorgeous Loryelle having fun with tiny citizens, cars and buildings.

Please note: This VR 360° video requires a special virtual reality media player software, such as the free Go Pro VR Player or VLC player for your computer. For a real giantess experience a virtual reality headset is strongly recommended.

Additional information

File size:

2,13 GB

Running Time:

10 minutes


3840×1920 VR 360° 4K



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