VR 360° 4K Shrunken Lover’s Last Mistake


  • Running Time: 10.5 minutes
  • Resolution: 3840×1920 VR 360° 4K
  • File Size: 1,70 GB
  • Format: MP4


vr360 shrunken lover last mistake Loryelle giantess fetish

A Dream Comes True

Finally you’ve found a way to shrink yourself down to 1/2 inch and you’re going to surprise your lovely girlfriend Loryelle with your new size. You’re pretty sure she will fulfill all your giantess fetish dreams and be the best giantess ever!

You’re on the floor, when Loryelle enters the bathroom looking for you. You must be careful that you don’t get stepped on by her beautiful massive feet.

Finally she discovers you and is amazed by your new size. Loryelle shows you her huge sexy body. She carries you around in the bathroom and teases you on different places with her feet, butt, boobs and hands. All your dreams come true.

She Knows About Your Affair

After some more playful fun teases, she tells you that she has found out that you’ve betrayed her with your secretary and her mood changes. Ow damn!
Now you’re helplessly exposed to a giantess, who is mad at you. By shrinking down yourself, you’ve really made it easy for her to take revenge.

The fetish games she’s going to play with you are getting more and more serious and mean. You’re not her shrunken lover anymore. You’re her tiny slave now. You have to worship her feet, get squeezed under her butt and between her breasts.

She thinks about to either vore or crush you as she loves seeing you scared. She makes you worshipping her panty and teases you with her giant hand.

Finally she decides, that you’re nothing more than a worthless bug that needs to be squished.

This hot vr 360 clip is mainly feet & butt related, but also contains a rich  variety of  body close-ups such as boobs, long finger and toenails, belly button, panty and mouth.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Please note: This VR 360° video requires a special virtual reality media player software, such as the free Go Pro VR Player for your computer. For a much more immersive giantess experience a virtual reality headset is strongly recommended.

Additional information

File size:

1,70 GB

Running Time:

10.5 minutes


3840×1920 VR 360° 4K



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