VR 360° Giantess Loryelle Punishes Her Lazy Employees


  • Running Time: approx. 14 minutes
  • Resolution: 1920×960 VR 360°
  • File Size: 1,47 GB
  • Format: MP4


VR360 Mean Giantess Boss

As one of Giantess Loryelle’s closest associates you have your home right under her working desk, like a few others. When you leave your house in the morning, you are already at her giant sweaty feet. You have to worship them, while she works on her business plans.

Life isn’t save at this place. It’s hard, short, but very exciting. That’s why you have chosen it. If you work hard and worship her well, you get some special attention, which can be nice, but sometimes ends up in getting crushed between her soft breasts, under her massive butt or beneath her huge feet. If you are just a lazy employee, you get crushed at the end of the day for sure.

Giantess Boss Loryelle plays with the cars of her lazy tiny employees. She puts one between her massive ass cheeks and uses some others as toe spreaders. Finally she crushes a car under her heel, while all her employees have to watch.

Follow George on his very last day. He’s one of Loryelle’s favorite foot worshippers. So he spents a lot of time at her stinky feet, but also may ride between her boobs and gets sat on by her massive ass.

George may choose how he gets finished off at the end. Find out what he decides for.

This clip contains a lot of feet close-ups including a car crush with the heel of Loryelle’s golden sandals, as well as some hot butt and breast smother.

Please note: This VR 360° video requires a special virtual reality media player software, such as the free VLC player or Go Pro VR Player for your computer. For a real giantess experience a virtual reality headset is strongly recommended.

Additional information

File size:

1,47 GB

Running Time:

approx. 14 minutes


1920×960 VR 360°



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