VR 360° Shrunken City Devastation


  • Running Time: approx. 13 minutes
  • Resolution: 1920×960 VR 360°
  • File Size: 1,37 GB
  • Format: MP4


VR 360 Crushed by a Giantess’ Beautiful Feet and Boots

Giantess Loryelle finds a shrunken city in the garden. She could care about the tiny citizens and their fate, but it’s more fun to crush their little cars and some of their highest buildings.

First she walks along the tiny streets in her knee high beige boots. See how your brand new car gets crushed under her gigantic boot just for her enjoyment, while she laughs at you.

She grabs a helpless tiny man and throw him in her panty. Having the little man squirming in her panty makes her horny, so she start touching herself a bit. Unfortunately he is so small, that she can hardly feel him. So she decides it’s more fun to crush the poor little guy under the heel of her boot.

Giantess Loryelle strolls through the tiny city, crushing buildings and cars for her enjoyment. She laughs at the tiny citizens and humiliates them for being so small and helpless. She demands them to pray to her as their goddess.

Giantess Loryelle Removes her Boots for Barefoot Fun

At the middle of the clip, Loryelle decides it could be even more fun,to feel tiny citizens, cars and buildings bursting under her huge bare soles. So she removes her boots and air her titanic bare feet right in front of you. She wants you to take a deep whiff from the inside of her gigantic boot and of course of her huge bare feet. You better worship them, if you don’t want to get crushed.

She plays around with some more cars and tiny people using her bare feet. Giantess Loryelle grabs them with her toes or steps on them several times until they are smashed. She crushes another office building with her bare foot, before she drops her massive butt on it for total destruction.

A lucky citizen wins a ride between Loryelle’s huge boobs. She also puts a car in her panty. What a lucky driver.

Enjoy Loryelle’s lickable, huge soles and toes in beautiful close-ups.
Become eye witness when playful Giantess Loryelle rampages through the shrunken city.

Please note: This VR 360° video requires a media player app with vr360 support, such as the free VLC player or Go Pro VR Player for your computer. You can move the perspective around by hand. For a much more immersive giantess experience I’d recommend a virtual reality headset. If you have a smartphone, there are some decent priced solutions available.

Additional information

File size:

1,37 GB

Running Time:

approx. 13 minutes


1920×960 VR 360°



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